History of St. Elisabeth Stiftung

The name of St. Elizabeth recalls a woman from the 13th Century, did much merciful in their lives to the poor and sick. It is one of the great female figures of the Middle Ages, consumed themselves in service to others.
your exemplary faith and action, the St. Elizabeth Foundation knows that he is committed and leads her legacy continues.

Living Legend of Rose Miracle

From the Life of St.. Elizabeth is told of a miracle happening:

“In the famine of 1225, the Landgrave was out of the country, Elizabeth helped more than usual you fed many hungry people every day, fasted strictly and gave their precious jewelry to be more able. Their mother and Father Conrad blamed this procedure and … sued Elisabeth when returning Landgrave Then Louis watched his wife and hit her with two young women hidden on the road to city under their coats, they carried baskets of food for the poor hard drove Ludwig them and said, ‘let’s see what target you there! ‘ When she revealed the coats were not loaves of bread in baskets, but roses. Since recognized the Landgrave that Elizabeth acted according to God’s will and let her grant. ”

The Legend of the Rose Miracle is alive in our tradition. New residents and staff are always welcomed with bread and roses.

St. Elisabeth foundation : Principles & Mission

The St. Elisabeth foundation is a charitable foundation established in 1856 and is headed from Berlin to look after the old peoples. Our foundation name is kept on a great woman of 13th century St Elisabeth, who gives her whole life in service to others. We commit ourselves to follow her footsteps and serve others.

Since 1992 we have dedicate ourselves to the service of children, teenagers and families The St. Elisabeth foundation is the member of social service agency of Berlin – Brandenburg.

We support children, teenager and adults and help them to develop their support by educating them about work, crises, and work management. We try to strengthen them by rejuvenating them with belief and desires.


  1. We provide services to all the people who need help without any discrimination on the basis of religion and belief.  We believe that God loves all his people.
  2. We believe fulfilling all requirements of people who believe us.
  3. We admire and continue to keep principles and belief which has helped us to offer our services to needy.
  4. Everyone has his own honour and is unique with his qualities. He must be treated with respect.
  5. We believe to create an environment which helps people to use their skills and qualification for a better living. We provide vocational trainings also.
  6. Each and every employee of our foundation is equally involved and distributed with his responsibilities to be fulfilled.
  7. We respect life and we protect life that needs us. We promote the life of people by involving ourselves as we have obligations of people who believe in us.

We provide group homes, family homes, and special group homes for girls, educational homes, homes for addicted people where people who are in their difficult situation can live there temporarily and rediscover their strengths and work out on their weakness to move ahead in life.

All of our places are supervised by the social workers.

St. Elizabeth Foundation

The St. Elizabeth Foundation is a public foundation based in Berlin.

Charitable purposes it pursues, is a member of the Social Service Agency of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia and looks back on 150 years of activity. The main focus of the St. Elisabeth foundation focuses on children’s youth and family work. In Berlin and Brandenburg, it maintains 11 facilities. Children, adolescents and young adults who are in disadvantaged situations or loaded and the promotion of linguistic need, help is offered.Is learned in small residential and day groups. Endowments be funded, trained lifelike independence and overcoming conflicts. 1 to January 2007, the St Elizabeth Foundation issued its previous priority task in the field of geriatric care at the St. Elizabeth Diakonia gGmbH. Together with the Stephanus Foundation operates this nonprofit company with 17 facilities residential services for elderly and dependent in Berlin and Brandenburg.